Cleaning !

Delivering Results, Not Excuses

Current Opening  
$10 per hour
Monday through Friday
5:45 to 9:00 pm 
(3.25 hours/night, 16 hours/week) 
Far West side of Madison

(as of October 4, 2013)

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Company Overview 

Advanced Office Cleaning is a small, friendly company which cleans several large office buildings on the far west side of Madison and in Verona. Our tasks include emptying trash, mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, and dusting. 

We have many happy employees at Advanced Office Cleaning. They like to be on the move and do physical work, like to work alone, and like to see the results of their work. But Advanced Office Cleaning isn’t for everybody. People who aren’t happy with us would rather just get by and do the minimum, or they want to spend their time talking rather than working, or they can’t get themselves organized to work quickly and efficiently, or they can’t fit our evening work into their busy schedules. 

We pay more than other cleaning companies so we can hire the hardest workers who want to do the highest quality work. When we have the right people, we want to make them happy. We give them a fixed schedule which fits their needs, try not to hassle them with petty problems, and try to provide them with good equipment and supplies so they can work quickly and efficiently without frustration. When we occasionally hire the wrong type of person we dismiss them and give the job to a person whose work habits more closely match our work standards. 

Most of our employees like it here. Our average worker has been with us seven years.
All employees start at $10 per hour. We want to attract the best employees available.
Hours & Schdule
You start at 5:45 pm and work about 3:15 per night, Monday through Friday evenings. We have no day time jobs. We have no full-time jobs. Good attendance is extremely  important. 
Note for those who want a 2nd job 
Many of our employees successfully work full-time during day and part-the time at night. The extra money can be great. By working two jobs, we’ve had people pay off their bills, make large special purchases, help put kids through college, or save enough for the down payment on a house. 
But two jobs are NOT for everybody. Many people burn themselves out with two jobs. If you’ve never had two jobs, think it through carefully. Decide when you will do the things you do at night, what activities you will sacrifice, and how much sleep you need. We suggest you give this some thought before applying.

o We are looking for people with a good solid work history. We want people who have shown they can stick with a job for a long period of time. You need not have cleaning experience. We can train you for that. 
o We are looking for people who want to do physical work with moderate lifting. 
o We are looking for people who want to work hard and do quality work. You are never standing around with nothing to do.
o We are looking for people with excellent  attendance. We clean our buildings reliably on a rigid schedule.  
o We are looking for people who want to work alone. 
o You must have dependable evening transportation to the far west side of Madison. You will finish work after the busses have stopped.

Position Descriptions

Advanced Office Cleaning currently has one part-time evening opening on the far West side of Madison.  We DO NOT have any daytime jobs. We DO NOT have any full time jobs. 

You would be cleaning in a large office building. Tasks include cleaning restrooms, kitchenetters, and washing coffee cups. Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but if you’ve ever been in a dirty building you realize how important it is.  You are able to see the results of your work and it leaves many people with a sense of accomplishment. 

The work is peaceful, and quiet. You can wear a walkman if you want. This is physical work. Moderate lifting is required. Some people find this tiring. Others think it is good exercise. Our on-the-job  training is quite detailed. You are allowed enough time to do a good, high quality job, but you are never standing around with nothing to do.
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